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Eficacy Designs, A Mumbai based Computer Graphics Design and Production shop.

The designer that knows how it works! Let's design! Get low cost, elegant design that works the best for you!

Eficacy designs, a Mumbai based Computer Graphics design and production shop. Design should invoke reaction! Everything that you love or hate is influenced by design! Eficacy specializes in designing websites, Wordpress themes, 2D vector graphics for magazine layouts, business cards, icons, application UIs in the 2D vector art category. Visit Eficacy.com for more info! Other services offered are 3D prototyping for your products / construction projects, or 3D visualisation of your next dream home and more in the 3D category.

Who is on the drawing board!

We are currently engaged with long term commitments and therefore unavailable for pretty much the whole of 2012. Despite that you're always welcome to give us a shout for small design tasks, or just to say hi! We'll update this space as soon as we are more resourceful to take on more projects, so keep watching! Thanks! Call us on +91-961-923-1023 or email your queries to <info@eficacy.com>

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About Kamal

Kamal is a CG artist, collaborating with clients to help them shape their online presence for their brand's requirements. All creative and technical client-work at Eficacy is handled by Kamal. He specializes in digital graphic content creation and website design, Wordpress theme design and development and 3D product modeling (visualize a new product or model home interiors before making huge commitments on those!).

Kamal has received his Professional Diploma in 3D from Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics

Kamal has Graduated as a BSc in IT from SMU. He is always keen on learning and understanding the required technicalities for any project which gives him an edge in understanding the technical aspects of your products/services better and work towards offering you the optimum web solution.

Kamal also has a nack for designing Logos & brand identities and the associated collaterals. You can see his selected work samples on the showcase page.

He loves to do some amateur photography when he is not doing the above fun stuff.

Kamal seeks to build healthy and fruitful partnerships with like-minded entrepreneurs and artists! If you are interested in such partnerships, feel free to get in touch using the link on above or on our contact page.

You can also email your design concerns/queries regarding your project or even just a friendly note directly to kamal@eficacy.com